My name is Anthony Gonsalves. 

(No, it's not.)

My name is actually Anita Kothari. Anthony Golsalves is a character from the 1977 Bollywood film, "Amar Akbar Anthony." The character of Anthony is played by legendary Bollywood hero Amitabh Bachan. Amitabh and I do not have much in common besides the fact that we both have Indian parentage and, at times, poofy hair (mine is real).  I like the song that Amitabh lip-syncs in the movie. It's so upbeat, goofy and it is playing in my head over and over again. I'm wondering why 

meaning of the words ....

Welcome to my website. Kick back and stay for a bit. My goal here is to nurture my love of writing and tell a story or two. I pull inspiration from where I have been and perhaps even where I one day hope to go. I hope you gain some enjoyment and inspiration of your own. 

Oh, and for giggles and nostalgia, here's the old Bollywood song .


Anita Kothari spends most of her time thinking about food. It's an unequivocal fact that is well known by her friends and family. 

s Corporate Operations Manager of Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group (HCRG), Anita Kothari manages operational standards, growth and innovation, crafting a culture of forward-thinking and dynamic management. With a strong focus on food and beverage, Anita develops and executes companywide practices and procedures.


was born and raised in the Chicago area and has spent the last 12 years working through the ranks of the restaurant industry at some of the country’s finest, award-winning restaurants. In 2002, after graduating from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Anita got her first taste of the business as a pastry assistant for Executive Chef-Owner John Manion at former Wicker Park hotspot MAS Restaurant. From there, Anita donned many hats, including host, restaurant server and floor manager. It was in March 2004, that Anita first joined the HCRG team as its Marketing Assistant and then Marketing Manager in 2005. Working very closely with the executive management team, Anita honed her skills in everything from guest and media relations to menu research and development. In early 2007, Anita travelled east to New York City where she joined the marketing team at Myriad Restaurant Group, working with renowned restaurateur Drew Nieporent, founder and operator of several award-winning restaurants, including NYC’s Tribeca Grill, Nobu restaurants, Corton, Centrico and Bâtard, among many other locations across the globe. Anita collaborated with all levels of management to oversee branding, strategic planning, special events, media relations and e-marketing. In her 6½-year tenure, she was a key team leader in opening the company’s new restaurants, including Corton, where she helped to develop Chef-Owner Paul Liebrandt’s Modern French concept. Anita played a pivotal role in leading all public relations efforts as Corton rapidly became one of the world’s most decorated restaurants, receiving Two Stars from the Michelin Guide, Three Stars from The New York Times and the highest ratings from Crain’s New York Business, Time Out New York and many other publications.


In early 2014, Anita came home both to Chicago and the Harry Caray’s family. Her other interests include creative arts, live theater, music and writing. She is currently working on a novel about family and the Indian diaspora, based on her childhood growing up in a boisterous, multiethnic, multi-religious Indian family.